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Programming on both Client and Server side with JavaScript creating the perfect harmony between JavaScript and Object Notion development.

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MEAN Stack Development

MEAN (MongoDB, ExpresJS, AngularJS, NodeJS) stack gains in worldwide popularity.

The MEAN stack is a more modern stack that’s challenging the LAMP stack. It is completely JavaScript-powered. So that makes it both a time and money-saver for organizations that already have JavaScript pros writing client-side code.

MEAN includes the MongoDB database, the AngularJS front-end framework, Expres.js (a Web framework for Node.js; the leading JSON-powered NoSQL database that offers more flexibility than a relational SQL database), and a base platform of the Node.js runtime, rather than an operating system like Linux or Windows.

One variation of the MEAN stack is the MEEN stack which substitutes the Ember.js framework for Angular JS.

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